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Interactive Learning Structures


60 Seconds & a Camera: Essentials for a Culminating Activity

(Originally published on on April 10, 2013.)     Please excuse any unintentional misleading as suggested by the above title. In all exactness, the blueprint for rendering a solid “60-Second Recap” is a bit more involved and time-consuming,...

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22 Power Cards to Revolutionize a Class Discussion

(Originally published on on March 27, 2013.)    The excitement generated from the interactive learning structure I am about to reveal will definitely not be confused with the impact felt from the French and American Revolutions or the Civil...

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Padlet: Today’s Digital Sheet of Paper

(Originally published on February 27, 2013, for if you had only attended one class in your entire life, more than likely you have been asked, “Can I borrow a sheet of paper?” Some laid-back, often-tardy-to-school classmate probably gave you...

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Part 2: 36 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class

(First published on on January 21, 2013.)In continuation of last week’s article, Part 1: 44 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class, here is a new list of thirty-six additional ideas to help leverage the power of these tech gadgets in the learning...

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SoundCloud + QR Codes = A Gallery of Students’ Voices

(First published on on February 15, 2013.)For a multitude of reasons, teaching in today’s time is nothing short of exciting. One such reason for so much enthusiasm is the availability of educational technology. It seems every day I discover a new...

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Share Student Voices & Gather Audiences with 10+ Tech Tools

"Share Student Voices & Gather Audiences with 10+ Tech Tools" (Originally published at on 12/4/12.)Let’s begin here. Think of your three favorite, most inspirational speeches of all time. If you need a little help, quickly scan over this “Top 100...

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Calling All Resources: Fostering the Right Time to Write

(The traffic light BYOD management system used by John Hardison of Studio 113) "Calling All Resources: Fostering the Right Time to Write" (Originally published at on 11/20/12.)Creating the ultimate writing atmosphere that inspires students to produce...

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Need to Energize Your Class? Just Add Wax and Be Still

"Need to Energize Your Class? Just Add Wax and Be Still" (Originally published at on 11/6/12.)There are many ways to mix things up in a classroom and inject enthusiasm. From blended learning to project-based learning to time-tested traditional...

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