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“The Talent & the Agent: My Desired Class”

"The Talent & the Agent: My Desired Class" (originally published at students and the teacher, the audience and the speaker, the players and the coach, the learners and the sage: I could go on forever with the many ascribed labels attached to...

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“How to Showcase an Army of Talent Through Tech Projects”

“How to Showcase an Army of Talent Through Tech Projects”By John Hardison (Twitter @JohnHardison1)(Originally published at last week I was fumbling through a cupboard spilling over with drinking glasses and java cups, and I found myself...

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“Blended Learning & Classroom Magic”

A "blended learning classroom" is erroneously becoming synonymous with a "21st century tech room." This is not always so. Blended learning can occur (and often does) without the slightest hint of technology. Through interesting classroom learning designs and...

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“What is cognitive rigor?”

My good friend and colleague Greg O'Dell recently tweeted an interesting question: “@ugaodawg: What is your personal definition of 'cognitive rigor' as it relates to instruction, learning, and/or assessment?”I definitely want to give the question more to time to...

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“A Student in Flight”

“A Student in Flight” By John Hardison(follow me on Twitter @JohnHardison1)Opportunities to be a student are everywhere, every day. By accepting an impromptu flying invitation the other night, I was reminded of the state of education as seen through my students'...

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