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5 Teaching Habits to Tame Time

"5 Teaching Habits to Tame Time"(First published here on GettingSmart on 10.30.2014)Something kicks my posterior way too often. It’s a frenemy of mine, you see. Yep, that’s right. FREN-E-MY. Think of polar opposites. Some days are swing and duck, while others are...

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Powerful Apps to Empower Powerful Writing

(Originally published on on September 10, 2013.)After the first four weeks of school, one truth is clear. The majority of my students are not very fond of writing. As a Language Arts teacher and one who writes for enjoyment, I find this alarming. I...

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Tupac & Einstein: Now That’s Blended Learning

(Originally published on on August 29th, 2013.)I can honestly remember sitting in a high school Language Arts classroom as a sophomore in 1990 and thinking, “Man, there has to be a better way of learning than this.” But I was that pimple-faced,...

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Padlet: Today’s Digital Sheet of Paper

(Originally published on February 27, 2013, for if you had only attended one class in your entire life, more than likely you have been asked, “Can I borrow a sheet of paper?” Some laid-back, often-tardy-to-school classmate probably gave you...

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SoundCloud + QR Codes = A Gallery of Students’ Voices

(First published on on February 15, 2013.)For a multitude of reasons, teaching in today’s time is nothing short of exciting. One such reason for so much enthusiasm is the availability of educational technology. It seems every day I discover a new...

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Need to Energize Your Class? Just Add Wax and Be Still

"Need to Energize Your Class? Just Add Wax and Be Still" (Originally published at on 11/6/12.)There are many ways to mix things up in a classroom and inject enthusiasm. From blended learning to project-based learning to time-tested traditional...

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