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Webinar: Jan. 17, 2013 “Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class”

Written by rocktheclass

January 17, 2013

“Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class”

January 17, 2013

John Hardison(Twitter: @JohnHardison1)

Studio 113 at East Hall High School, Gainesville, GA

I.                   Introduction


II.                Reference Websites

c.       Studio 113Teacher Page at East Hall High School


III.             Twitter Chat (#smartways)

IV.             Article Against Smartphones

V.                BYOD Classroom Management

VI.             Smartphones and the “5 C’s”


VII.          Use Smartphones to Collaborate

a.      Peer assessment with Google Forms (Self-Assessment Form)

b.      In-class texting to help create writing atmosphere

c.       Brainstorming with Polleverywhere

                                                              i.      Wallwisher

                                                            ii.      Today’s Meet

                                                          iii.      Twitter hashtags

                                                          iv.      Learning structures

1.      “Voting Chips

2.      “Concentric Circles”

d.      Share class notes

e.       Army of Talent

                                                              i.      Create class notes

                                                            ii.      Get-to-know-me survey

                                                          iii.      Access the teacher/peer assessment (Google Drive App)


VIII.       Use Smartphones to Communicate

a.      Facetime/Skype to bring in audience

b.      SSR time with backchannel to share articles

c.       Recording instructions

d.      Twitter for in-class/extended discussion


IX.             Use Smartphones to Create

a.      Writing apps

                                                              i.      My Writing Spot

                                                            ii.      Evernote

b.      Dictionary/Thesaurus

c.       Dragon Dictation

d.      Write on-the-gowith Tripline (article)

e.       Create a “How-to” guide with Snapguide

f.       Write to blogpost via Blogger

g.      Post video response to Posterous


X.                Use Smartphones to Coordinate/Curate

a.      Relax while working with soothing apps

b.      Symbaloo as one-stop shop

                                                              i.      Peers’ blogs

                                                            ii.      Creative gallery of tech tools

                                                          iii.      Curate resources from phone

c.       Access documents from teacher’s webpage

d.      Socrative Quiz

e.       Organize diverseresponses with Voicethread

f.       Management apps

                                                              i.      Calendar

                                                            ii.      Weather Channel

                                                          iii.      Stopwatch/Calculator

XI.             Apps in Part II: 36 Smart Ways to Use Smartphones in Class          

a.      Video

                                                              i.      iMovie

                                                            ii.      ActionMovie

b.      Pictures

                                                              i.      Juxtaposer

                                                            ii.      Instagram

                                                          iii.      Pinterest

Check out this rap parody of Snoop Dogg’s & Wiz Kahlifa’s “Yound, Wild, & Free” by Idaho’s
own @DaveGuymon and Georgia’s @JohnHardison1



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